Saturday, April 9, 2011

McCarthy: Congressman Ryan's proposed budget a realistic attempt to put America back on the right track

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) and House Majority Whip, submits his view from Capitol Hill. In his words:
 "This week, news of a government shutdown dominated the airwaves. It’s truly unfortunate we’ve come to this point. House Republicans have made every effort to avoid shutdown and continue working toward a
resolution. Remember, the only reason we’re here today is because when Democrats controlled the majority, they failed to propose a budget. The American people recognized this failure, and voted for a new
course in November. Republicans took the majority in the House with government only funded through the beginning of March, and got right to work trying to clean up the Democrats’ fiscal mess. On February 19,
we passed H.R. 1 to fund government through the end of the year and make necessary cuts to help get our nation’s fiscal house in order.

  "Not only did Senate Democrats reject H.R. 1, they failed to propose an alternative. Still, House Republicans have continued to work to avoida shutdown and reduce spending. We passed two short-term measures to save the American taxpayers $10 billion and keep government running. ow we’re at the precipice of a government shutdown yet again, and my colleagues and I’ve put forth yet another option to give Democrats another week to get their act together while ensuring funding for our troops and the Pentagon through the end of the fiscal year. Our nation owes its liberty to the brave military men and women who risk their lives every day to protect our freedom. House Republicans want to protect our troops and it’s shameful that Senate Democrats want to put politics before our armed forces. My colleagues and I will not sit by
as the other side does nothing. We remain committed to avoiding a shutdown and are working toward a resolution that changes the culture of Washington.
  "Meanwhile, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled a budget proposal for the next fiscal year that takes the discussion from billions of dollars in spending cuts to trillions. This budget represents a choice of two futures. We can either choose to honestly address our spending problem, put America on the path to prosperity and get people back to work, or continue down the road to fiscal disaster. Chairman Ryan’s
budget chooses to recharge the light of the shining city on the hill, and I wholeheartedly support it.

  "The Wall Street Journal called Congressman Ryan’s budget “the most serious attempt to reform government in at least a generation,” and they’re right. It cuts $6.2 trillion from the President’s budget over
ten years, reduces our deficit by $4.4 trillion and caps spending at pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels. This is exactly the prescription economists and even the President’s own debt commission have recommended to get our economy back on track. In addition, our budget fully repeals and defunds Obamacare.

  "Our nation has serious challenges and you deserve the truth. We must eliminate the budget gimmicks and accounting tricks and have a fact-based discussion. I’ll continue to update you on the progress
here and I encourage anyone with any questions to contact me.

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