Friday, August 26, 2011

McCarthy: Congess but give up its 'tax, spend and regulate' mentality

 House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) gives us his weekly view from Capitol Hill. In His words:
 "Economic uncertainty continues to plague our community and nation, and I know that the warning of continued economic challenges from the Congressional Budget Office this week was not new news to Bakersfield. But I refuse to accept that our economy is just going to limp along for the foreseeable future. I've continued to listen to our local small business owners, including Tim Terrio, Steve Loyd and Skip Slayton. I’ve talked to our local cattlemen and cattlewomen, including long-time ranching families such as the Twisselmans, Sneddens, Rankins and Hafenfelds, as well as innovators in Mojave like XCOR and Masten Space. What I continue to hear is that Washington’s fiscal mismanagement, overregulation and the threat of tax increases are generating an uncertainty in our local economy that is holding back job creation. I assured them, like I want to assure each member of our community that I will keep fighting for policies that foster private enterprise and create an environment that makes it more affordable for small businesses to operate and expand.

 "There is no question that America is struggling, but I believe we will rise to the occasion. The American people are resilient. We are home to men like Robert “Ted” Sutherland, who I was honored to recognize in Mojave on Friday for his service in World War II. Ted is the son of a carpenter who served our nation in the South Pacific and came home to become a vital part of California City’s economic development. Ted is both a father and grandfather, and like me, I know he is invested in the future of our young people.

 "I honestly believe we can leave our kids a better America, but to do that we must move away from the tax-spend-and-regulate mentality that has ruled Washington recently. From January 2009 to March of this year, 75 major new regulations have been imposed with annual costs of $38 billion, according to the Heritage Foundation. For businesses to expand, hire that extra employee or even invest in a new piece of equipment, they need to know they will not be saddled with new and unforeseen costs. That’s why my colleagues and I are going to take an aggressive stand on burdensome and duplicative regulations in the coming weeks.

 "I have written before about the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, which would require Congress to approve all new major regulations before they can be imposed. This legislation is imperative to increase certainty, and I will be fighting for its passage. We will also be fighting to repeal EPA regulations – from limits on dust to ozone to cement manufacturing – that could crush farmers, ranchers and small business owners in nearly every facet of the economy.

 "I believe in America and will always believe that we can win; taking on the regulatory overreach of the Federal government is one surefire way to help ensure we will.

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