Friday, September 16, 2011

McCarthy: California's high-speed rail is not a viable project in this economy

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) gives us his weekly view from Capitol Hill. In his own words:

 "I want to thank the firefighters and law enforcement officials from Kern County and around the state who have been working to save lives and property from wildfires throughout our community recently. I was able to see our firefighting operation first-hand last Saturday in Tehachapi and have been in contact with Chief Dunn on the containment of the fires. I encourage everyone to continue to listen to the instructions of our local officials.
 "This week, I joined a conference call with about 2,000 California small business owners and heard story after story of how government overregulation and economic uncertainty is causing unnecessary cost burdens and holding back investment. One small business owner told me their company needed three new employees, but wouldn’t hire them right now because of uncertainty. How many other small businesses are in the same position? Another shared how environmental regulations restrict the amount of water pumped to crops and asked me whether those crops should just be allowed to go fallow. I am asking the same question of the Obama Administration, and I’m fighting in Congress to ensure federal government regulations aren’t the reason crops and business ideas sit idle.

 "Residents in Bakersfield shared similar frustrations on a telephone townhall meeting I held on Tuesday night. From questions on job-creation policies to government funding of high-speed rail and ensuring a reliable water supply for California – it is clear many are aggravated with the gridlock and spending decisions in Congress. I couldn’t agree more. As I stated on the call, I continue to believe that California’s high-speed rail project is not viable. This project has too many questions regarding its business model and ridership projections that just don’t add up. I also discussed policies that empower the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur never takes away a job; they create jobs, and that’s why we must encourage them to invest and put people back to work.

 "On Thursday, the House passed legislation that would help do that. The Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act (H.R. 2587) would prohibit the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from ordering any employer to relocate, shut down or transfer employment. In light of the NLRB action against the Boeing Company’s expansion in South Carolina, this legislation is vital to boosting business confidence.

 "As frustrating as things can get sometimes in Washington, I wake up every day glad to represent you and always want to hear from you. I encourage you to write in through my website or call my Bakersfield office at 327-6311 or my D.C. office at 202-225-2915 to share any comments or concerns.

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Anonymous said...

20-30 years from now, when Kevin McCarthy is long forgotten, people will be traveling on the coast between San Diego and San Francisco on high-speed trains and we in the valley will wake up and ask, "What happened? Where was our leadership?"