Friday, May 4, 2012

McCarthy: California rates worst state to do business while Sacramento, and the Obama administration, push tax and spend policies

 "Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) gives us his weekly post from Capitol Hill.

 "This past week, California received the dubious honor of being named the worst state for business again. To end the hostile business climate in California and make our state a place where innovators can grow and succeed again, Sacramento needs to fight against unnecessary regulations, tax increases disguised as fees, and rampant deficit spending that crushes Californians’ entrepreneurial spirit.  As a native Californian, I want our state to thrive and be competitive with other states in the Union, many of which recognize the terrible business climate in California and successfully recruit businesses from our state. 

 "According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics announcement this week, only 115,000 jobs were created nationwide in April.  These jobs numbers - coupled with slow growth in GDP the first part of this year – continue to show that we are in the process of the weakest economic recovery on record. With more than 12 million Americans out of work as we enter the 39th month of above 8% unemployment nationally – 15.5% here in Kern County – we are reminded that the President’s tax-spend-and-regulate policies are failing American families and small businesses.

 "Small businesses are responsible for 65% of all job creation in this country. Yet, in survey after survey small businesses say they’re not hiring due to the economic uncertainty resulting from skyrocketing gas prices, burdensome regulations and constant tax increase threats from the President and Congressional Democrats. We can also see that a growing number of American families and small business owners are increasingly dissatisfied with the consequences of Obamacare. Americans are sending a clear message: we still need more jobs, and we still need more economic growth.

 "My House Republican colleagues and I are listening to this message, and that is why the House has passed over two dozen jobs bills designed to give small businesses the certainty that they need to grow and start hiring again. Giving our small business owners more confidence in the economy also means that we must be good stewards of scarce taxpayer dollars. Instead of pouring more money that we don’t have into questionable projects like High Speed Rail, we need to encourage local private sector growth through legislation like the JOBS Act, which passed the House and was enacted into law in April. This bill is specifically aimed at helping new start-ups and small businesses get off the ground, access capital – something that I fought to include in it - and create more jobs.

 "Next week in Washington, House Republicans plan to debate reconciliation legislation—a fancy term for a bill to reduce spending and help get our fiscal house in order, while preventing over $500 billion in cuts to our military and national defense that could endanger our national security. Be assured that I will fight to ensure that our brave men and women in the Armed Forces have the resources and supplies they need to succeed, and that policies coming from Washington help remove government barriers to job creation, not stifle entrepreneurship and growth.

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