Sunday, April 28, 2013

County crews clean up the litter on the popular Panorama Bluffs, and someone snags a young woman's picture to find love on

 * ... TRASH: Hats off to Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard who dispatched a crew to clean up the litter and trash on the Panorama bluffs. About a week ago, someone unceremoniously tossed two black trash backs over the bluffs, sending food, paper, diapers and other disposals all over the popular walking trails. Two runners complained to Maggard's office and within a week the walking trails were near devoid of trash.

 * ... IDENTITY THEFT: We have all heard about thieves who steal your identity to raid your bank account, but how about identity theft to get find love? A local educator told me someone on the popular dating service is using her picture to snag dates. "I am married to a fire department captain and this isn't funny," she said. "Someone messaged my husband and asked, politely, what his wife was doing on"

  * ... GOOD FORM: Les and Diane McAuley were struggling while loading two chairs into their car at the Stockdale Highway Target when a couple came to their assistance. "A couple were enjoying some yogurt when they spotted us having a problem trying to load the chairs," he said. "They approached us and politely asked if they could assist us. They loaded the chairs and we thanked them very much. They actually saved the day for my wife and myself. Is it possible that you could write something like this for us and include it in your column?"

* ... CSUB SWIMMERS: It's always good to hear something positive about our local student-athletes, and this shout-out goes to the CSUB men and women on the swim teams. One example: 16 Cal State swimmers showed up to help the Alliance Against Family Violence with its big fund raiser. Said Darlene Mohkle, who serves on the Alliance board: "These dedicated athletes worked from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. running, serving and smiling to create a wonderful experience for our guest attendees. It was a magical night due to the hard work of the organizing committee, our volunteer group and the swim team.  Bakersfield is fortunate to have such leaders who require and encourage non-profit partnering... Yet another reason why Bakersfield is an amazing connected community of caring." (file photo of CSUB swimmers)


 * ... BUSH HOUSE: Stephen A. Montgomery was taking relatives on a tour of Bakersfield when he swung by the old George H.W. Bush house on Monterey Street. "I was embarrassed to see the poor condition of the place and the yard covered with dead weeds. While cut down low enough to not be a fire hazard the place was to put it charitably unsightly. Yeah, I know he only lived there for less than a year while he was an oil industry fishing tools salesman but still..."

 * ... SUMMER: You know the Bakersfield heat is right around the corner when the snakes start sunning on our roads. I spotted three snakes on a recent bike ride to Woody and Granite Station.

 * .... BAKERSFIELDISM: You know you are from Bakersfield when the sight of a huge tumbleweed hanging 30 feet in the air on a telephone line is only mildly amusing.

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