Thursday, October 17, 2013

Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center celebrates a silver anniversary and it's time for another drive for towels and blankets for rescue animals

 * ... CBCC: There was a big turnout for the outdoor "silver celebration" for the Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center at its Truxtun Avenue campus. CBCC was an early pioneer in cancer care in Kern
County and has grown into a venue of hope over the past 25 years. Among those I spotted at the event, catered by Steak and Grape, were Supervisor Mike Maggard, Clinica Sierra Vista's Steve Schilling, pilot Steve Loyd, Memorial Hospital President Jon Van Boening and wife Phillis, Mercy Hospital CEO Russell Judd, CBCC director Ravi Patel, Mercy Foundation's Stephanie Weber, CASA director Colleen McGauley, clothier Tracy Walker-Kiser, Memorial's Sue Benham, Carney's Rick Kreiser and wife Lori, accountant Geoff King and wife Lisa, and the Hispanic Chambers Jay Tamsi.

  * ... DOGS: The popularity of dog breeds come and go (chihuahuas are still big) but here is a list of five breeds that one veterinarian misses. According to Dr. Marty Becker on the veterinarian website vet, he sees "a lot of Chihuahuas over the exam room table these days, along with Labradoodles, Pit Bulls, Bulldogs and the eternally popular Labrador Retriever. I love them all, but I have to admit I do miss seeing some of the dogs who used to be in my waiting room, pets I rarely see now that they’ve lost the cachet they once enjoyed." Those breeds he misses: Irish Setters, Scottish Terriers, Collies, Brittanys and Cocker Spaniels.

 * ... SPOTTED: On Twitter I spotted this political tweet: "At least House Republicans managed to dismantle the Jonas Brothers."

 * ... KINDNESS: Elinor Grant wrote me a note to thank a Bakersfield police officer for watching after her and two friends. She was leaving church, headed for her car when a BPD officer slowed and made sure the three friends made it to their cars. "When he, or she, was sure we were safely on our way he continued on. A big thank you to the officer for taking the time to watch out for our safety."

 * ... SCHOLARSHIP: Good to hear that East Rotary held yet another successful event to raise money for its Joe Alexander Scholarship Foundation. The event, call the Elegant Evening of Wine, was held at the downtown home of Mark and Sue Ashley. Meir Brown of Cafe Med provided the pairing of food and wine.

 * ... SCRUFFY: Mary Moreland shared this story of 'all bark, no bite.'  "While walking my dog Scruffy in my neighborhood east of Bakersfield College,  I noticed a 'Beware of Guard Dog' sign on a home’s side gate. Behind it was a small Yorkie yapping at us. Scruffy is about 20 pounds and really sweet. I was thinking how pretentious the sign was, when the Yorkie ran to his back yard and a second later a very large German Shepard was at the gate fiercely barking! Scruffy and I went quickly on our way."

 * ... SHELTERS: Here's something worth putting on your calendar. It's that time of year again when a group of well meaning folks are gathering up blankets and supplies for animal shelters around our county. Operation Blankets of Love will be outside Petco on Gosford Road between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 9. All the towels and blankets donated there will go to shelters, rescues and sanctuaries. The group is also looking for pet toys, pet beds, crates and carriers and leashes and collars.

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