Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Driller turns 101, more trash on our city streets and be ready for the National Day of Giving coming in two weeks

 * … DRILLER: Richard Diffee dropped me a note to say that Bakersfield High graduate Ross Thornton just celebrated his 101st birthday. "He played for the Drillers in 1931 … and a couple of his teammates were Romain Clerou and Homer Beaty. He also played two years as center for the Renegades. If any of his teammates from 1931 read this, give him a call as he would love to hear from you. "

 * … TRASH: Mary Helen Barro wrote to say she was appalled on reading about the two women who were throwing trash out of their SUV downtown.  "I only wish the witnesses had snapped a photo with their cell phone, or noted their license plate number and turned it over to authorities. Years ago when I lived in Studio City (San Fernando Valley), new tenants moved into our neighborhood, and they trashed the area around their property. There was traffic in and out at all hours. Our Neighborhood Watch group began writing down all the license plates of their visitors.  After a couple of weeks, we held a news conference and announced that we had given all license plate numbers to authorities.  The offending neighbors moved out within a month.  I strongly believe that we need to take similar actions here in Bakersfield, when trashy neighbors and drivers litter our town. By the way, kudos to the lady who threw the dirty diaper back into the car.  These trashy people won't stop until their trash is thrown right back at them, or until they get a hefty fine for littering our streets.  Along with the fine should go 20 hours of community service picking up trash "

* … SPOTTED: While driving west on Highway 58, Scott McArthur sighted "an adult doe (deer) bound across 58 in front of oncoming traffic and wait in the median in order to cross. I thought I was back in Michigan."

 * … GIVING: Make sure you look for the 2013 Charity Giving Guide that will be inserted into The Bakersfield Californian this Sunday. Produced by the Kern Community Foundation, it provides a practical way to research local non profits while offering testimonials on personal giving. And remember that coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 3, is the national "day of giving."

  * … TURKEY:  Independence High School is once again teaming up with Living Grace Church to hold its second annual Turkey Drop on Saturday Nov. 23, at the high school from noon to 2 pm.
Said Chuck Beatty: "Please join us by dropping off a frozen turkey or other non-perishable items.  Last year, we were able to donate 120 complete dinners to the FLOOD Ministries and to needy Independence families. Independence High School is located at 8001 Old River Road. Any questions, please call Kelly Hardin at (661) 834-8001

 * … BAD FORM: Stephen Montgomery called out whoever tagged a sign in front of a community garden in our community. "Amber Beeson and her volunteers have put their hearts and souls into making the 4th and Eye community garden a success so it was with some frustration that I spotted the damage some street mutt did to one of their signs. Makes you want to dope-slap someone. This tag has been successfully removed with slight damage to that garden decal."

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