Thursday, May 21, 2015

Music festivals, menudo cook-off, craft beer fest and The Eagles highlight the weekend, and northeast homeowners hold an Irish wake for a 60-foot tall coastal redwood tree

 * ... FESTIVALS: How fat is your wallet these days? I'm asking because if you are looking for something do this this Memorial Day weekend, there are plenty of festivals and music acts that will
be happy to take your money. You can start with George Martin's huge Rock and Country Music and Art Festival Saturday at the Kern County Museum featuring a couple dozen familiar acts like Leann Rimes, Chubby Checker and Eddie Money. If that is too pricey, head over to the CSUB amphi-theater for the Craft Beer Festival hosted by Moo Creamery and Imbibe Wine and Spirits. Fighting a hangover? Then the Kern Hispanic Chamber's Menudo Festival may be right for you at the fairgrounds, or you can save your money and try to score a ticket to The Eagles concert at Rabobank Arena on Tuesday. On the less expensive side, you might check out the Average White Band appearing Friday evening at the Park at River Walk, where tickets are just $15.

* ... DROUGHT: Bob Hartshorn sent me this missive about the drought: "I have a comment regarding the California water conservation efforts/laws. I am waiting for the port-a-potties to be lined up at the Sacramento legislative offices, so our lawmakers can lead by example. Also, I would like to suggest to the lady who goes to her neighbor to ask/tell him not to wash out the gutters. Invite that gentleman to observe you taking a shower so the he can make sure you aren't taking too much time. After all, it's for the common good.

 * ... SPOTTED: Saw this on Twitter the other day: "I've never been in love, but I imagine it's similar to the feeling you get when you see your food coming in a restaurant."

 * ... VISUAL CLUTTER: Here's a thoughtful note from  Anthony Malon: "What's with all the 'I buy houses' signs everywhere? Don't they ever have to take them down ? If there is a law, it's easy to enforce they have a phone number on the signs. Looks terrible on top of all the yards sales signs on Saturday."

 * ... GRANTS: One of the more generous benefactors in town is The Bakersfield Californian (family) Foundation, which recently announced yet more grants. Among the recipients were the College Dream Fund, $3,200 for scholarships; Have a Heart Human Society, $3,500; Kern Agricultural Foundation, $4,000 for scholarships;  Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, $7,500; Salvation Army, $11,520; Keep Bakersfield Beautiful, $14,500 for two community gardens; Bit-O-Heaven Ranch, $25,000 in matching funds; and the Wings of Rescue, $28,000 for its Saving Bakersfield Shelter Pets project.                                                                                  

* ... IRISH WAKE: What's the proper way to say goodbye to a stately old tree? How about an old fashioned Irish wake? John Rodgers lives on Christmas Tree Lane in the Northeast and has the tallest coastal redwood tree on the block. "We have been told we need to remove it since it is six feet from our home and is causing damage to our foundation. Needless to say we are not happy having to do this. We are posting it on Facebook and hoping folks will come for one last look at the tree and share a toast with us."

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