Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sacramento Democrats fear how Kevin McCarthy might wield influence if he becomes Speaker of the House and Bakersfield begins losing some of its most majestic trees due to the drought

 * ... MCCARTHY: I spent some time in the Bay Area this weekend and had a lot of time to think about California issues and politics while driving Interstate 5 through the spine of our state. If Rep. Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House as expected, you have to wonder about how he
might influence some of the major issues facing California. He is opposed to the High Speed Rail project, is at odds with Democrats on how to help Valley farmers during the drought, and he has proposed revising (or eliminating) environmental regulations that he believes are weighed more in the favor of fish than humans. This makes Democrats in Sacramento extremely nervous, as it should be, but only time will tell how he uses his new clout to influence state policies.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "A woman saying 'I’m not mad at you' is like a dentist saying 'You won’t feel a thing.'"

 * … SPOTTED IN LA CRESTA: A homeowner near Garces Memorial High School planted this  sign in her yard: "Drive Like Your Children Live Here."

 * … DROUGHT: As I was reminded the other day, just because you allow your grass to die in the winter doesn't mean you can stop watering your trees. Some of our community's largest and most beautiful trees are dying because homeowners are not watering their deep roots.

 * … WEATHER BIRD: Stephen A. Montgomery responded to my earlier post about the old 'weather bird' sign that once stood on the Sill Building at 18th and Chester. Said Montgomery: "Oh, yes, I remember the Coca-Cola weather bird sign and, no, I don’t miss it. With its multi-colored neon lighting it was quite an elaborate affair and a rather discordant addition to the efficient lines of the sleek streamline moderne 1939 Sill building designed by Charles Henry Franklin and Ernest J. Kump, Jr. The real disappointment is that the building was never finished the way it was designed as a six-story structure with a louvered facade on the elevator structure on the roof."

 * ... ONE BOOK: There will be a lively discussion on the economic plight of the working poor in Kern County this week at Beale Memorial Library. The Tuesday evening event is sponsored by One Book, One Bakersfield, One Kern and will be devoted to exploring ways to create positive change in our communities. One Book is a community wide reading project and the group is asking folks to read "The International Bank of Bob," a book by Bob Harris that looks at ways to make positive change in the world. The discussion is set for Tuesday, at 5 p.m.

 * ... BAKERSFIELDISM: Darlyn Baker is seeking answers to a question that has bugged her:  "Whenever I pass by the home on Beech and 22th Street, I smile as I still visualize the DJ who perched atop their chimney for a fund raiser. I would like to know if anyone remembers who he was, what radio station was sponsoring that cause, when it was and how long he was up there."

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