Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kern County voters will be asked to approve $1.5 billion in bonds this November, Stars Dinner Theater is in trouble again and celebrating a BLT from Pyrenees Cafe

 * ... BONDS: If you are an administrator at a local school district, chances are you are sweating out the Nov. 8 general election. Why? Because Kern County voters will be asked to approve almost a
dozen school bond measures that would add some $1.5 billion in assessments on home and business owners. At least two of the measures - the Kern Community College District and the Kern High School District - will appear on almost every Kern County ballot. There are good arguments for all of these measures, but putting them on the ballot all at once can only hurt their chances.

 * ... STARS: It was distressing to read that the Stars Dinner Theater is some $50,000 behind on its rent and is once again seeking donations from the public to stay afloat. I say 'once again' because the community theater always seems to be teetering on the financial edge, constantly flirting with going out of business and having to spend an inordinate amount of time finding deep pockets to bail it out. The problem is not with Stars - its productions are first rate - but rather with the state of live theater in America which serves a very small - if loyal - niche audience. Without a sugar daddy coming forward, Stars will face either having  to either downsize to a smaller, more humble location or closing its doors for good.

* ... DRESS CODE: I know California is known for its casual vibe, and I recognize it is an even more relaxed dress code here in the Central Valley, but is it too much to ask folks not to wear their pajamas to traffic court? Not that the plaid pajama bottoms didn't match the faux leather blue boots on the older woman who lacked proof of insurance after an accident, but seems this sartorial choice was pushing the envelope of appropriateness.

 * ... SCAM: I received a call the other day and, not knowing the number, let it go to voice mail and sure enough it was yet another scam. The caller told me it was the IRS and it was preparing to file a lawsuit, and it instructed me to call back immediately. I wonder how many people fall for this and other scams that target the vulnerable.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "These meal replacement shakes aren't too bad when you chase them with a BLT."

 * ... FOODIE: And speaking of BLTs, one of the few restaurants open on Labor Day was Pyrenees Cafe, where I ordered and enjoyed a fabulous BLT with avocado on a soft croissant. Check it out next time you are on the east side in search of a good meal.

 * ... BAD FORM: It is just me or are stretches of the Westside Parkway starting to take on all the ugly characteristics of Highway 58?

 * ... OVERHEARD: At the downtown Starbucks off 24th Street, a barista is telling a customer she has already started Christmas shopping.

 * ... GOOD FORM: Ken Beggs wrote to give a shout out the Kern River Golf Course. Said Beggs: "Don't know if you are a golfer but in the last three months Kern River Golf course has turned into a local jewel. It's always been a fun and challenging course but a new greens keeper has put this course in super condition. Perfect fairways and greens. I've played this course for 30 years and never seen it in this kind for great shape. Congratulations to Jim and his crew."

 * ... BAD FORM: Finally, Lupe Flores weighed in some bad form which has become a sign of the times: "First of all I enjoy your blog very much. I saw a new  pickup here in town with a bump sticker that read 'life is a bitch don't vote for one.' It had a picture of Hillary Clinton. I thought this was very poor taste. Keep up the good work and take care."

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