Tuesday, March 28, 2017

West Rotary spins off another successful Cioppino Feed at Monsignor Leddy Hall, Jersey Mike's Subs shows some good form and more memories from the old Hart Park archery club

 * ... CIOPPINO: I don't know how the folks over at West Rotary prepare clams and cioppino for 500 people, and serve it hot and steaming without missing a beat, but I hope they keep doing it. I am
talking about the annual Cioppino Feed at Monsignor Leddy Hall that benefits so many worthy causes, a three hour feast and social  that rivals just about any other fund raiser in town. The Saturday event was yet another sell out, more good news for its beneficiaries this year: the West Rotary Breast Cancer Fund, the West Rotary Stroope Family Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County and the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault.

 * ... NETWORKING: In addition to raising money for good causes, events like the Cioppino Feed serve an important role in our community in terms of networking and bringing people together. Among those I spotted there were Mayor Karen Goh, Assemblyman Vince Fong, District Attorney candidates Cynthia Zimmer and Scott Spielman, Supervisor Zack Scrivner and wife Christina, Rabobank's Kym Moore, Mission Bank's Lisa Boydston, Mike and Dona Chertok, Pat and Terri Collins, Gina Pearl, Ron Eaves, Al Sandrini, Jack Gotcher, Realtors John and Katy Glentzer, Adventist Health's Kevin Burton and all those West Rotarians who made it happen, starting with President Angela Paquette to Rick Kreiser, Ricki Peace, Howdy Miller, and so many more.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "I had a great time. Not tonight, but I've had a great time before."

* ... KEYSTONE: Former oil executive Lynn Blystone dropped me this note: "Jobs aside, it makes total sense for the nation's security to be directly tied into North America's biggest petroleum reserve with the Keystone LM Pipeline."

 * ... GOOD FORM: Hats off to Carrie Asbury and the other owners of the three Jersey Mike's Subs deli and sandwich shops for stepping forward to support the Alzheimer's Disease Association of Kern County (ADAKC). This Wednesday only, 100 percent of all Jersey Mike's sales will be donated to the ADAKC to support its new facility off Buena Vista Road.

* ... FOUNDATION: If you are involved with a non-profit focused on summer based literacy programs or animal welfare, make sure you check out the The Bakersfield Californian (family) Foundation that has put out calls for its Spring grant cycle. Proposals for grants are now being submitted. Only 501(c)3 organizations need apply, and for details go to www.bakersfieldcalifornianfoundation.org.

 * ... GARCES MEMORIAL: Congratulations to four local folks who are being inducted into the Hall of Honor by the Garces Memorial High School Alumni Board. They include Tom Anchordoquy, class of 1965; Arnold Cattani, class of 1964; Yolanda (Papasergia) Griffiths, class of 1951; and Frank Maitia Jr., class of 1960. In addition the Mac and Stella McMurtrey family will be recognized with the legacy family award. The 10th annual Hall of Honors Banquet is set for Saturday, April 29, at Monsignor Leddy Hall.

 * ... HART PARK ARCHERY: My post recalling the days in the 1950s when an archery club held tournaments at Hart Park triggered this memory from Lyn Switzer Kalar: "I too remember spending lots of weekends with my folks, Darwyn and Bette Switzer, at Hart Park babysitting the archers' kids or participating as a teenager in the youth group. We went to the state tournament one year and camped at Griffith Park in the middle of the horse track. During the tournament the dads took the kids to the zoo and not until the moms came back to camp after the tournament did anyone realize that one of the kids had been left at the zoo! Good job dads!"

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