Sunday, September 20, 2020

A dozen private schools are allowed to open in Kern County, a couple hundred trucks hold a pro-Trump patriotic rally and Dutch Brothers Coffee opens to a gang buster's business

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 * ... SCHOOLS REOPEN: There is some good news for some local private schools: 17 school have been given waivers to reopen amid the coronavirus. So far a total of 20 schools have been allowed to

reopen and 17 of them are private facilities. Among those reopening will be St. Francis Parish School, Stockdale Christian, Heritage Oak School and Northwest Christian Schools.

* ... PATRIOTISM: The Stars and Stripes were on full display this weekend with a patriotic and pro-Trump rally turned out more than 300 cars and trucks over the weekend. It was called the Corona Trump Cruise and for a few hours, the stretch along Brimhall Road near Silver Oak Park was a sea of American flags and Trump supporters decked out to enjoy the day and pledge their support for their country and their president. The caravan eventually made its way to Chuy's Mesquite Grill on Stockdale Highway.

* ... PARK AT RIVER WALK:  There was some kind of incident at the Park at River Walk Sunday afternoon when a person was rushed to the hospital after being pulled out of one of the lakes. There are few details available but police said the unidentified person was in serious condition after something happened in one of the ponds.

 * ... COVID TESTING: Hall Ambulance has been offering free Cover-19 testing all weekend and will continue the offer through Monday. If you missed it, head over to Hall Ambulance for free Covid-19 testing from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday.

 * ... DUTCH BROTHERS: When a new restaurant opens in Bakersfield, you can bet it will be jammed for a few weeks (or months) before the novelty wears off. But what is going on with the opening of Dutch Brothers Coffee on the east side is nothing short of miraculous. The Fresno-based coffee chain opened last week and every day there are literally dozens of cars waiting, wrapped around the nearby Lowe's and spilling into the parking lot. I don't know what they serve there, but it better be good.

 * ... MEMORIES: Check out these pictures posted by my friend John Kelley who specializes in photos of old Bakersfield. Enjoy.

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