Thursday, March 25, 2021

CSUB opening huge vaccination hub, criminals target catalytic converters and pickup truck tailgates, and Labradors and French bulldogs top the list of favorite dog breeds

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 * ... CSUB VACCINES: Cal State University Bakersfield is about to open a mass vaccination on campus that will be able to inoculate 5,400 people a day. Hoping to stay open until all Kern County residents are vaccinated, the health hub is part of a consortium with Adventist Health, Dignity Health Hospitals, the

California Medical Association, the California Primary Care Association and Futuro Health. The American Red Cross is providing its expertise on mass site planning. Though the site can administer 5,400 doses a day, how many it will actually offer is dependent on vaccine availability. 


 * ... CRIME: We all know that crime is spiking and  car break-ins are at a near epidemic level. Two of the favorite targets of local thieves: tailgates for pickup trucks and catalytic converters on virtually all cars and trucks. The catalytic converters can be stolen in a matter of minutes, and if you loose one, your local mechanic or dealership could charge you anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 to replace them. Pickup truck drivers are advised to use the lock on their tailgates to prevent theft.

 * ... BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE FOUNDATION: The Bakersfield College Foundation has added three new members: Ariana Joven, Paul Pavletich and Lauren Skidmore. Joven works for The Wonderful Co. in public affairs, Skidmore is a legislative aide to Assemblyman Vince Fong and Pavletich runs Premier Lighting, a family business. All three have deep ties into our community and all three have served on any number of boards and held positions at companies about town.

* ... TOP DOGS: The annual list of the most popular dogs in America has some old standbys, but some of the new popular breeds may surprise you. Topping the list is one of our all-time favorites, the Labrador retriever, and climbing the ladder into a solid second place is the French bull dog. This breed has become so popular that a man walking Lady Gaga's two French bulldogs was mugged and the dogs stolen recently. Rounding the list of top breeds were the German shepherds, Golden retrievers, Bulldogs, Poodles, Rottweilers, Pointers and Dachshunds.

 * ... GOOD FORM: Hats off to local attorneys (and married couple) Connie Perez-Andreesen and Joel Andreesen recently for donating a combined gift of $150,000 to support the Center for Social Justice and the Roadrunner Scholarship Fund at California State University, Bakersfield, to be distributed over five years. This gift, together with their previous giving to the university, brings the Andreesens' total lifetime giving to more than $250,000.

* ... MEMORIES: I spotted this picture of how the building that now houses our Woolworth looked before it burned in 1889. Thanks to the folks at Kern County of Old Facebook page.

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