Sunday, March 21, 2021

Medical experts discuss the cause of "brain fog" from the coronavirus, the Panorama Vista Preserve is a jewel in our crown and Dr. Steve Ratty recovers from his own bout with the virus

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 * ... GREEN SPACE: One of our community's hidden treasures is the Panorama Vista Preserve, a

wildlife area of more than 900 acres below the Panorama Bluffs that is undergoing a restoration. The Preserve is operated by the Kern River Corridor Endowment and Holding and provides a vast network of dirt trails for hikers, cyclist and horses. Thanks to a pair of grants volunteers have been busy planting native shrubs, grasses and cacti to return the area to its original state. Next time you are looking for a place to hike or run to enjoy nature, take in this is little piece of heaven.

 * ... COVID ILLNESS: One of the going mysteries of having contracted the coronavirus is the question of developing long-term residual effects that could compromise your heath. We hear a lot about "brain fog," how long it may last and the prognosis for recovery. Last week Dr. Brij Bhambi and Dr. Bill Baker discussed these issues on The Richard Beene Show, and some of what they said may surprise you. Dr. Baker for example said some cases of "brain fog" actually show the victim may have suffered a series of small strokes, which to me was a surprise. Young patients, some under the age of 10, have developed "brain fog" after suffering from Covid-19 and researchers are just beginning to understand how it works. Check out my discussion with Drs. Baker and Bhambi on KERNRADIO.COM.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "You know what has zero calories and zero carbs? A nap."

 * ... STEVE RATTY: Speaking of Covid-19 it was good to see that Dr. Steve Ratty, the local optometrist, has recovered from a long bout with the coronavirus. Ratty and his wife Mary came down with Covid-19 in March 2020 and while she recovered, he remained hospitalized with a severe case. Ratty told KGET he is still battling the effects of the virus. “I am in still in stage four kidney failure…the bottom of my feet are always numb," he said.

 * ... MEMORIES: Here are a couple of terrific shows from back in the day of the old Post Office in Bodfish, compliments of Kern County History Fans.

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