Thursday, July 22, 2021

KBAK sports anchor Greg Kerr undergoes heart surgery, Sheriff Donny Youngblood gets a star on the Fox Theater walk of fame and Bakersfield ranks poorly in a survey of less educated cities

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 * ... GREG KERR: Greg Kerr, the dean of local sportswriters over at KBAK TV, has revealed he under went heart surgery recently at Memorial Hospital. Kerr noted the event in a personal note on his Facebook page, which he used to thank the Memorial nurses and doctors as well as his cardiologist, Dr. Caleb

Thompson. Said Kerr: "Your mind goes in a million different directions when something like this occurs. Looking forward to my release. A special thanks to my employers and co-workers at KBAK TV and ESPN radio… and to my son, Kyle who spent many hours by my side. I am truly blessed!" Four years ago Kerr lost his wife, Shauna Leigh, to cancer.

 * ... HISTORIC FOX THEATER: Sometimes you run across a picture that is so outstanding you just want to share. So with thanks to the photographer, my friend Richard Joseph Forrester, I share his recent shot of the historic Fox Theater downtown. Enjoy.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "Jeff Bezos went to outer space and returned to earth in less time than I have been in line at Dutch Brother's Coffee."

 * ... LEAST EDUCATED: Another survey of the top 150 American cities is out and once again Bakersfield does not fare well. Of the 150 cities surveyed, we ranked 146th in the percent of graduate or professional degree holders and 136th in the ranking of cities who send their kids of top universities. 

 * ... YOUNGBLOOD HONORED: Sheriff Donny Youngblood was honored with a star on the Fox Theater walk of fame, Joining Youngblood for the unveiling were District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, state Sen. Shannon Grove and friends and family.

 * ... MEMORIES: Some old shots thanks to the proliferation of Facebook groups devoted to local Kern County History. Check out the old Sill building back in the day as well as a historic picture of Lake Buena Vista.


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