Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bluecoats from a red county head to Washington

There isn't a more excited group in town than the handful of Kern County Democrats headed to Washington for next week's inauguration. It's hard being a Democrat is such a red county, but these folks have persevered and lived to seen the dream realized-not to mention find seats and a place to stay in D.C. Supervisor Michael Rubio and wife Dora are going, as are City Councilwoman Sue Benham and husband Herb Benham, the Californian columnist. Also headed east are educator Bernita Jenkins, Tiara Cox and Karen Gaul, just to name a few. Meanwhile back home the local Sean Hannity-wanna-be talk show hosts do their best to rain on the nation's hopes. Is it asking too much to wish this new president - or any president - well?

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