Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hottest cars and trucks: Prius, Subaru sell nationally while we cling to our trucks

I spotted a list in the Wall Street Journal today about the hottest selling cars in the country (based on days on the lot in December) and wondered where we stand. So I checked our research department and no surprise here: six of the top 10 selling vehicles in B-town are pickups (Chevy and Ford lead the pack. In contrast, nationally six of the top ten can be considered compacts or subcompacts) What was surprising was that nine of the top 10 hottest vehicles in the country did not make the local list (only the Honda Civic did). Locally, the only model to actually sell more vehicles in November versus the previous year was the Toyota Corolla. Trucks took the biggest plunge, starting with the Chevy Tahoe SUV (down 82 percent!) and followed by the Toyota Tundra (down 50 percent) and Toyota Tacoma (down 48 percent). Here's the list, starting with Bako's top 10 and in parenthesis the nation's hottest vehicles:

1) Chevrolet C/K pickup (BMWX6 nationally)
2) Ford F-Series pickup (Honda Fit)
3) Toyota Camry (Mini Cooper)
4) Toyota Corolla (Toyota Prius)
5) GMC C/K pickup (Audi A5/S5)
6) Dodge Ram Pickup (Dodge Challenger)
7) Honda Accord (Scion xD)
8) Toyota Tundra (Subaru Forester)
9) Toyota Tacoma (Honda Civic)
10) Honda Civic (Lincoln MKS)

Clearly our service-based economy and oil explains a lot of the demand for full-size trucks, but what about the rest of us?

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