Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lisa Green: our next District Attorney?

Saw Jeff Green at the gym today. Jeff, general counsel at Grimmway Farms and husband of deputy district attorney Lisa Green, is hard not to love. He moves from one obsession to the other with such enthusiasm that it's infectious. So here he was toiling away on the stairmaster, carrying a 30-pound rucksack and sweating like a roofer in South Georgia preparing for a June hike up Mount Shasta. And he made it clear - once again - that wife Lisa is definitely running for District Attorney despite DA Ed Jagels' hints that he just might stay on past 2010. She's making the calls, preparing to raise money, speaking and doing everything to line up support, Jeff says. I have no reason not to believe him.


Anonymous said...

Given the millions that wrongful conviction compensations are costing Kern County, it's still a mystery to me how the likes of Lisa "If it moves,convict it" Green continue to infest this cesspool of a justice system.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Green should go to jail for 20 years for the lives she took away. I hope a civil suit goes after her and the others.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Green should be put on death row for all the inocent lives she took. Vincent Brothers for example was all based off speculation and what she believed happened. You should not be sentanced to death row unless you have some hard evidence, like DNA. You didn't want to talk to anybody after the case because you knew that you just took an inocent mans life. If your going after the death penalty your just as much of a murderer as they are.