Monday, January 12, 2009

Boxee: Freedom from the tyranny of cable?

If you haven't heard of Boxee yet, chances are you will soon. Boxee is a startup company funded by some high powered venture capitalists that promises to strike at the heart of the cable business model. (See the video on Fred Wilson's blog) How? It would allow consumers to bypass the cable company by using the broadband to turn the TV into a true social media center, meaning all of your music on your home network, anything off the internet (Comedy Central, Netflix etc) can be accessed and shown on your TV using the cable broadband. I spent a long (and I mean LONG) morning recently at the Bright House office off Buck Owens Blvd. exchanging faulty equipment. A morning like that makes Boxee seem very attractive.


Anonymous said...

The remarkable thing is that once one finally gets to the front of the cue of customers holding equipment to exchange, the customer service rep insists that they see equipment problems very infrequently!

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced they just recycle the same old bad equipment! I've taken my box back twice already and both times its broken after a week!

ALittleGuitar said...

Yes, this sounds interesting. I'm in favor of anything that will end the tyranny (you nailed it there) of Big Cable. Incompetent and uncaring, understaffed and overpriced. I've had both the Verizon and Comcast experiences and neither was pleasant.