Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A picture that tells a thousand words .... sort of

The folks over at BakersfieldLife magazine do their best to reflect our community in a positive light, and part of that is featuring folks who make a difference. Each month the editors interview prominent women in a feature called the "Red Couch," shot at The Californian's downtown photography studios. For the March edition, they showcased women doing their best to control the pet explosion in town. So why not feature them with a cute puppy ready for adoption? That was all fine and well until one of the dogs, sitting on the lap of SPCA director Sandy Dralle, decided to hurl its breakfast. Photographer Felix Adamo captured the moment and also ALPHA Canine Sanctuary Marilyn Stewart's surprise. Also pictured (from left) are Denise Haynes, Kern Animal Shelter chief, and Sue Bennett, Kern Humane Society Spay-Neuter Director. Click on the photo to get a larger and more graphic image.

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ALittleGuitar said...

That's hilarious. I must say, though, that the lady holding barfing dog is taking it in stride.