Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wendy watch: a birthday at Cedars Sinai

Been trying to hook up with Wendy Wayne to check on her status but she's been busy shuttling back and forth to Cedars Sinai for more chemo treatments. But she's a great email correspondent and reports that husband Gene Tackett gave her a special anniversary surprise after they returned from "three glorious days in Austin" visiting son Larkin.

"Gene picked me up and surprised me and took me to Laguna for our anniversary. Since last year and again this year, I'll be spending our anniversary in Cedars, it was a wonderful gesture. It's amazing how the ocean brings me joy."

It's Wendy's birthday today and she'll spend it at Cedars in her battle against non-Hodgkins lymphoma. But you won't hear a complaint from the community activist, former First Five Commission and all around good egg. She's expected to be back in town early next week. Happy birthday, Wendy.

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