Monday, March 16, 2009

A congressman, Twitter and a field of dreams

Spotted this moving picture on Rep. Kevin McCarthy's (R-Bakersfield) Twitter feed and asked him to give me a paragraph or two about the event. The picture speaks for itself - a wonderful day in our community for special needs kids - and it is yet another example of the power of social networking tools like Twitter, which Kevin used to distribute the picture. Kevin has also used Twitter to get feedback on more esoteric concerns like mark to market reform, but it's clear that Twitter has become an important tool to reach out for feedback. Said Kevin, who was in town for a district tour:

"I was honored to participate in the
League of Dreams Baseball Day at Fruitvale/Norris Park by throwing out the first pitch. For a lot of parents like myself, we certainly want to see our children learn the values of competition and teamwork. Today was a chance for us to cheer on and encourage those local children who may not always have the chance to put on a jersey. Children with disabilities were able to play baseball and experience the joys of achievement, like crossing home plate. To see the smiles on the kids’ faces as they cross home plate is something every parent should enjoy, and we should recognize Tim Terrio, his staff at Terrio Fitness, and the volunteers for the work they put in to making today possible. The drive and dedication shown by each child today is an inspiration to our community."

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