Thursday, March 19, 2009

Generosity in the midst of a recession

This nasty recession has given everyone plenty of reason to pull back their charitable giving. Which is why it's so encouraging to read about companies and individuals who have continued to give when everyone else is pulling back. Picked up some of this in the annual report of the Golden Empire Gleaners, which reported in 2008 it served 188,000 people, distributed 1.5 million pounds of food and racked up almost 7,000 volunteer shifts. This is a group that relies entirely on the generosity of others to keep feeding the hungry, so it nice to read that:
a) Chevron gave the Gleaners $20,000 to sponsor five senior sack sites for 2009.
b) The Robert Raskind Charitable Foundation gave $15,000 for general support.
c) Claude and Shirley Fiddler donated $10,000 to the Gleaners Endowment Fund.
d) The Bakersfield Californian Foundation donated $7,500 to sponsor the Food for Thought program.
e) St. Francis School donated $6,010 from their student Christmas store proceeds.
f) The Lake Family Foundation tossed in another $5,500 to sponsor costs for a volunteer program.

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