Saturday, March 21, 2009

Calls in the middle of the night you actually want

Here's a bit of good news about people going out of their way to help absolute strangers. It came via an email from a grateful subscriber to The Californian who credits a good-hearted carrier with potentially keeping her house from burning down. Let Janet Hopkins tell the story of how contract carriers Leola and Glenn Moore (shown here) went above and beyond:

"This morning at 4 a.m. our telephone rang and a gentleman who said that he was a Californian deliveryman could hear a car horn going off in our garage. My husband thanked the man for calling and when we got to the garage, the horn on his truck was indeed honking and we could smell an electrical smell. When my husband opened the garage door, the man from the Californian was still waiting in his car to make sure that we were okay before he drove away.

"My husband disconnected the battery and when it was re-connected the horn had stopped. He is going to have the truck looked at to see what happened. We very much appreciate the extra time and effort your employee took to call us. There could have been a fire resulting from the wires overheating and my car was in the garage as well as the truck.

"Please see that the deliveryman is recognized for being responsible and caring to his clients! This time, he was the "good neighbor" which is usually my job.

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