Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Esquire, Crocs, Borders, Chrysler, United, Old Navy on endangered species list?

Came across a fascinating read that speculates on what brands may simply disappear in this devastating economy. It's amazing to think of so many brands once considered institutions that may not make the cut through this downturn. (Check out the full blog and the list here.)The blog 24/7 Wall Street speculates that these brands are "most likely to disappear by the end of 2010."

1) BUDGET: The same parent company owns Avis and Budget is the weaker sister.
2) BORDERS: Declining sales and tough competition from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
3) CROCS: Stock has gone from $72 to $2 today. I love 'em but 24/7 Wall Street says they won't make it through the year.
4) SATURN: Owned by General Motors, this is an easy one to understand.
5) ESQUIRE MAGAZINE: Declining ad revenues in the crowded men's magazine space.
6) OLD NAVY: This Gap owned company will be dropped so Gap can concentrate on Gap and Banana Republic.
7) ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST MAGAZINE: Huge losses in ad pages. Conde Nast will dump it.
8) CHRYSLER: Investors will dump this one too.
9) EDDIE BAUER: Stock price languishing under $1, squeezed by other competitors.
10) PALM: The analyst says this brand "has been at death's door for some time" and faces tough competition from RIM and Apple.
11) AIG: This huge insurance giant is under the government's thumb and may disappear after its profitable operating units are spun off.
12) UNITED AIR LINES: Two large US carriers may need to merge to avoid bankruptcy and 24/7 Wall Street says United is the weakest.

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