Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Memorial Honors Dr. Hans Einstein, pioneer in Valley Fever research and mentor to doctors

Some long overdue recognition for Dr. Hans Einstein is coming today at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. Dr. Einstein, one of the nation's foremost experts on Valley Fever, will be recognized in an afternoon ceremony at Memorial. The event will be held at the Hans Einstein Pavilion (pictured) which should open later this year. The Pavilion is just the latest capital project over at Memorial, which has spent millions on renovations and a new tower. Under CEO Jon van Boening, Memorial has been aggressive in marketing itself in the never ending fight for market share. Not only has Einstein been a pioneer in Valley Fever research, but he's also served as a mentor to countless doctors in our community.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Einstein was our family Physician since I was a young girl. He saved my mother following her brain aneurysm and protected our family from disease. Along with his long-time assistant, Lois, he served as our individual cheerleader and health advocate throughout my adult life. I truly loved him like a father. What a WONDERFUL, fitting tribute for this INCREDIBLY, gifted, other-oriented person! Blessings to him for his TREMENDOUS contributions and his loving compassion! The Bakersfield families of Della Ryan and Mike Hoff