Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Support from around the globe for the little boy whose father blinded him in a crazed attack

The story of little Angelo Mendoza just keeps capturing the attention of well wishers across the world. The Californian had a piece today talking about efforts to raise money for the lad, who was blinded when his father - in what I assume was an apparent drug craze - literally ate his eye out, leaving him blind in one and perhaps both eyes. The Californian didn't give an update on the condition of the 4-year-old, but it did update us on all the fund raising efforts under way to help him. The problem with establishing a fund for Angelo goes right to his parents: it's his father Angelo Vidal Mendoza who is charged mayhem, torture and child cruelty in the April 28 assault, and the mother is nowhere to be found. She's apparently wanted on a $15,000 arrest warrant for failing to attend drug classes. Can this story get any sadder? What kind of life did this boy have before the attack? One can only wonder. Apparently Kern Schools Federal Credit Union is working with the boy's uncle to establish a fund, but others are doing the same. Following is another email I received recently. If you want to get involved, feel free to contact this person via their website.

"My name is Brandi Crump and I live in Panama City Florida. I am CC Devon Cox of Denver, CO that I am in communication with trying to start a trust and foundation for this child. We are committed to helping this little boy succeed in life. You recently wrote a post on the Angelo Mendoza Jr. case and mentioned something about starting a trust. We have been trying to get local churches involved to let us open an account under their not for profit business but have not been successful at this time. I am asking for your help to find a not-for profit organization to sponsor us so we can open the bank account and legally continue taking donations. We may already have an attorney that will do the trust paperwork for free but need the not for profit organization sponsorship first. Below is a website that Devon started and I recently got involved trying to help get the word out for Angelo and as you can see we already have donations as well as people continuing to get involved and join our website. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated as we have people here that want to help this little boy.

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Anonymous said...

The MOST important thing is that this little boy be adopted by a loving family. I wish more publicity and emphasis were placed on that -- and, perhaps, on shedding some more light on the background of each and every family member that is now applying for his custody. This little boy is the community's responsibility now and "we" need to get it right this time -- for his sake.

On a related noted, I'm astounded at how difficult (impossible, in fact) it has been to send this particular child donations or gifts... I too have looked into both options with no luck. I appreciate the need for the foster family's anonymity and obligations of confidentiality on the part of Kern County. However, doesn't it seem like there should be a way to get this potential flood of funds, resources, gifts, and toys especially tailored for blind children to this boy?

Anyway, I'm glad that there is a fellow in Denver that is trying to raise money and appreciate that he promises to allocate the funds to Angel only. That said, I think there needs to be more information on any fundraising website about who is doing the fundraising, contact information, their background or some history. This will increase confidence in the effort.

I remain hopeful that we/someone will find a way to directly help little Angel Mendoza, as well as other foster children.

Mari V.
Chandler, AZ

Forever Changed said...

Please visit our website for updated information. I feel that we have a direct impact on angelo mendoza jr, because we are in his hometown. Our event is coming up very soon! June 14th! Please check out our website for any questions you may have!