Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Fessler a replacement for Carvajal? And an Ohio State Buckeye seeks same in Bako


* ... RAINING DOGS AND CATS: I had a chance to catch up with the folks over at the local SPCA on Gibson Street the other day when I was dropping off some books, left over by two daughters who have since moved out of town via college and both unlikely to return. The books will be sold during the SPCA's annual late March-early April book sale to raise money. Local spokesman Chuck Nordstrom says donations have remained steady but  the facility is overwhelmed with owner relinquished animals being dropped off by folks who have lost their jobs, their homes or are moving out of town. The facility is now "at capacity," meaning it has more than 300 dogs and cats. The SPCA will only take unwanted pets when  it has room. In the meantime, it always has a need for old sheets and towels for the strays, so open your hearts (and your pocketbooks) to this local worthy cause.

 * ... LONELY  BUCKEYE SEEKS SAME: Received a humorous email from Sunny Kapoor, finance manager of the West Kern Water District, who noted that he was a "Buckeye transplant" from Ohio and had the chance to take in the Rose Bowl game against Oregon (sorry Ducks, Ohio State was impressive in this one). Said Kapoor: "Sitting in the Ohio State section brought back a ton of memories of watching games at the ole 'Horseshoe' and listening to the 'Best Damn Band in the Land.' I am aware of a lot of Oregon Duck alumni in Bako, but I wonder how many Buckeyes live here?" With apologies to the Ducks and the PAC-10, any Buckeyes out there?

 * ... BAKO BITS: I spotted cancer survivor Wendy Wayne out for a morning run near Jastro Park the other day. She was bundled up, had an impressive gait and looked great. What a difference a few months make. Just a short time ago she was down in Los Angeles for some very tough treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and now she's back running. Great to have you back, Wendy. We're also waiting word on the funeral service for Claude Fiddler, the 77-year-old local oil engineer who died last week, just two weeks after his wife Shirley Ann passed away. This will be a standing-room only service as the community pays last respects to this remarkable man. More on this as it develops.

 * ... THE BUZZ: The real story behind the departure of Roger Fessler from general manager of American General Media to Cal State Bakersfield is how soon Athletic Director Rudy Carvajal will retire. You have to think Fessler would be the likely candidate to succeed Carvajal, who has served in the post since 1972 and should be nearing retirement. No one is talking but keep your eye on this one. Fessler's move was the latest to rock the local radio business, which has been in a funk during this recession. Just a few weeks ago Mike Allen, who worked at the local Spanish radio group for more than 30 years, left the company and is currently out of work. I'm not sure there is a connection here -  the Fessler move was a personal decision to follow his passion - but it represents a huge change on the local radio scene. Rogers Brandon , president of the AGM Group, indicated Fessler would not be replaced and he would be picking up some of his duties, at least temporarily. And I don't think we've heard the last of Mike Allen.

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