Sunday, January 3, 2010

Local oil engineer Claude Fiddler dies, two weeks after his wife passes away

* ... RIP CLAUDE FIDDLER: Two weeks ago I reported that Shirley Ann Fiddler, a longtime Bakersfield resident, had died after a lengthy illness. And now I learn that husband Claude Fiddler passed away late  last week. Claude was a retired Chevron oil manager and he and his wife spent a career in some of the most exotic locales (Hong Kong, Madagascar, Paris and Taft among other places) but they loved Bakersfield and called it home. (read the previous post on Shirley Ann here) I was not aware Claude had any health problems; in fact he was the picture of a robust soul: striking silver hair combed back, thin waist, firm  handshake. It's always curious and odd to me how long-time married couples will often die within weeks of each other, and this was one couple who shared a long and close marriage. Claude served as president of the downtown Rotary Club and was a long time board member at the Golden Empire Gleaners. According to a story in Inside CSUB, a publication of  Cal State Bakersfield, the Fiddlers established two scholarships at the university, both fully endowed to the tune of $100,000. They have two children, Linda and David, both of whom earned master's degrees from CSUB. (photo courtesy of CSUB)

 * ... ETCHEVERRY OFF TO AFRICA: I also learned the other day that Jeffrey Etcheverry was headed off to South Africa to inspect some grape packaging equipment. Jeff works for David Sabovich, president of Fresh Look Brokers, a company that handles some of the Central Valley's table grape brokerage and packaging. Apparently the new equipment in South Africa shows great promise in making the process more efficient.

 * ... KUDOS FOR THE MUSEUM: Local community activist Sheryl Barbich shared some accolades that came to the Bakersfield Museum of  Art concerning its recent show featuring the work of artist James McMillan. Apparently the New York attorney who loaned the art, Patrick Bradford, was so impressed with the show that he donated $2,500 to the museum. Bradford's note: 
     "You and your colleagues have a real national treasure in the Bakersfield museum. Over the past decade I have served on many, many non-profit boards and I must say that the enthusiasm from your museum's patrons and supports was inspiring. Again, thank you for presenting Mr. McMillan's work in such a highly professional manner."

     McMillan's work was part of the Harlem Renaissance show and he also has come art in the current exhibit.  

     * ... THE BUZZ: It looks like the plaintiffs law firm of Chain, Cohn and Stiles has stolen the marketing director away from the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union. The firm convinced Marlene Morales to give up nine years at the credit union to run the marketing program for the law firm. Morales also served as marketing manager for San Joaquin Valley College. She's a native of Bakersfield, a Foothill High grad, and went on to Bakersfield College and Cal State Bakersfield where she earned her bachelor's in English/Communication.

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    I had the pleasure of working for the Fiddlers as a service provider for quite a few years about 8 years ago - you couldn't have met a nicer couple. The care, love, and respect that they showed each other was a weekly inspiration to me. I'm very, very sorry to hear that they are both gone.