Friday, January 8, 2010

McCarthy: Congress needs to wake up and curtail spending

  Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) gives us his weekly update from Capitol Hill. Disagree with him? Post a blog comment. 
  "This is my first 'Beene Blog' for 2010, and I would first like to thank Richard for allowing me to regularly keep you updated with what's happening in Congress through weekly updates over the past year. Second, I hope everyone had a good Christmas break and a happy New Year.

 "Congress comes back into session next week and our highest priority should be jobs, especially after Washington’s disconnect with creating jobs over the past year. While unemployment is at a record high in states like ours and at a double-digit rate nationally, Congress has continued to put forward big spending measures that drive up the debt and kill jobs. Congress needs to wake up.  Americans don't want partisan solutions - we want common-sense workable solutions that will help produce a job-creating environment.That is why my colleagues and I are advocating a "no cost jobs plan" that removes burdensome and credit-killing regulations, eliminates upcoming tax increases, increases exports by approving pending free trade agreements, freezes out-of-control Washington spending, and reforms financial regulations to get credit flowing, all without increasing Washington spending and debt.
 "This week, I traveled throughout our communities. It was nice to see and hear from many of you.
 "On Tuesday, I joined local officials from around the county and unveiled H.R. 4352, a bill that I authored that will help level the playing field for small communities that compete with larger cities for critical wastewater infrastructure funds. This common sense reform would help address the systemic funding problem that shortchanges many small communities from obtaining financing for wastewater infrastructure facilities so they can comply with various state and Federal mandates.
 "On Wednesday, I met with the Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary (a lively group for early in the morning) and discussed the economic challenges facing our nation. Following my meeting with the Rotary, I met with local small business owners, and toured the M.D. Manufacturing plant in Bakersfield. After meeting with our local businesses, it could not be clearer that Congress needs to stop new credit-killing regulations and start working to provide a vibrant market where small businesses can prosper.
 "As Congress reconvenes next week, there will once again be a lot of attention towards health care reform. As you know, the Senate passed their version of the government takeover just before Christmas through a shady practice of giveaways and backroom deals. Continuing Chicago-style politics, instead of the usual open and transparent conference committee process to reconcile differences, Democratic Congressional leaders and the President have all chosen to make their final changes behind closed doors. During his campaign, then-Senator Obama promised eight times that all negotiations on health care would be televised live and recently C-SPAN even formally asked Congressional leaders to keep the President’s promise; unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi laughed off this idea and has continued to move forward with her costly and secretive agenda. Americans continue to express opposition to legislation that will raise health care costs, raise taxes, and increase federal spending. Health care reform will affect one-sixth of our nation’s economy, and every American deserves to know what direction their representatives are going to take when it comes to future reform. That is why I have joined my colleagues in pressing for more transparency and will continue the fight to prevent this bad health care bill from becoming law.
 "I hope you all have a good week."


Anonymous said...

c'mon Richard! How does it feel being Kevin's buttboy? Just let him write his own blog, in his own space.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you have offered this forum for Kevin McCarthy, Mr. Beene. Keeps us busy public members of society informed. Can't understand why someone would be so unhappy about that but to each his own. Happy new year.