Friday, January 29, 2010

McCarthy: time to focus on Central Valley water issues and control the national debt

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy's weekly report from Capitol Hill. In his words...

 This week's theme - once again Washington isn't listening to the American people.
 Monday, I was in Fresno with local farmer and Kern County Water Agency Director Fred Starrh at a public forum to talk about the continuing dire water situation in California. A tiny fish is taking precedence over our local farmers and workers, which is killing jobs. Unfortunately, the Administration did not send a representative to the forum even though they knew about it for a month.  The Central Valley will not be ignored and we have common-sense solutions to help solve this water crisis, like turning back on the pumps.
  "The very next day, the Administration followed up with an “announcement” that the Interior Department was “releasing” water that our Central Valley Project water users already owned. We are tired of
not being listened to and receiving continued lip service to our water crisis. It is time for the Administration, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other Congressional leaders to wake up and get the message that ‘jobs grow where water flows.’

  "For the State of the Union, I was honored to serve on the President’s escort committee.  As we heard during his speech, the President called on Congress to address issues we have been saying need to be addressed for some time – job creation and cutting wasteful Washington spending. These are common-sense solutions to start a new chapter in America, and I am glad the President acknowledged the need to address these issues. Unfortunately, the very next day after the President called for a spending freeze, the Senate voted to raise our national debt limit by $1.9 trillion - raising the overall national debt ceiling to
$14.3 trillion, which saddles every American with $45,000 of debt. We cannot continue to borrow money we do not have, but once again, it doesn’t appear Washington is listening.

  "Friday afternoon, the President met with my colleagues and me, and we urged him to take a hard look at solutions we have heard from our local communities to help create jobs – reduce burdensome regulations,
stop looming tax increases, and approve free trade agreements.  We in California know that Washington cannot follow our state's model in which Sacramento taxes, borrows, and over-regulates our small
businesses. We also discussed the need for smarter investments and a real commitment to reducing the deficit, both of which are absolutely needed, as we are already on an unsustainable path of borrowing record
amounts of money from other countries, like China.  The President took the time to listen to some of our ideas, and now I hope Speaker Pelosi will also listen so we can move our country forward through
bipartisan solutions. Last week, we heard the people of Massachusetts send a message that enough is enough in Washington. We are a nation of innovation, we are a nation of free enterprise, and we are a nation that believes in accountability and transparency.

  "Next week, I am looking forward to spending some time in Lancaster and Mojave and I will be welcoming some folks from Bakersfield to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast - a wonderful annual event.

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Anonymous said...

John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Bill Thomas all voted for Medicare Part D, a massive increase in spending that was entirely deficit-financed. Kevin McCarthy and his associates have no credibility on the deficit.