Friday, June 11, 2010

McCarthy: Washington needs some adult supervision; tax and spending has to stop

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, gives us his weekly report from  Capitol Hill.  In his words:

 "I continue to believe that Washington needs more adult supervision, accountability, and common sense.  Congress continues to borrow and spend money our nation does not have. For the last 20 months
Washington has spent more than it has taken in—racking up the national debt.  In the first 8 months of this fiscal year alone, the deficit has exceeded $940 billion.

  "This week, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Congress of the dangers of our national debt. During a hearing before the House Budget Committee, he stated our national debt is on an unsustainable
path and in order for Congress "to retain the confidence of the public and the markets, Congress should be planning now how [to] meet [the] looming budgetary challenges.”

  "What a thought. Congress could change the prevailing borrow-and-spend culture and show it’s willing to rein in government spending and restore fiscal accountability by offering a responsible budget now. But, Congress has yet to pass a budget (nearly two months overdue), and the national debt has swelled to more than $13 trillion. What’s worse, the Treasury Department predicts in five years the debt could be as high as $19.6 trillion.

  "Enough is enough.  We can’t just ignore our fiscal realities by refusing to pass a budget.  We need to develop a responsible budget that cuts spending and gets our nation back on track to fiscal sustainability. Our children and grandchildren do not deserve a future with fewer opportunities because they have to pay off the debt we have created today.
  "Speaking of kids, in Washington this week, I met with students from Bakersfield’s Downtown Elementary School. Mrs. Brenda Mayer and her students joined me for a discussion about Congress on the Capitol
steps while they were in town for their 8th grade graduation trip. Congratulations to all the students who are on their way to high school.

  "Also this week in D.C., I had the chance to catch up with Bret and Sally Selby and their family, who were all visiting from Bakersfield. While with the Selbys, I had the honor of presenting their son,
Christian, a Congressional certificate recognizing his recently received Eagle Scout award.

  "On Saturday, in Bakersfield, I will be recognizing eight students from the 22nd Congressional District who have been nominated and accepted to one of the U.S. Service Academies for the Class of 2014.  I am
happy to see such a large group of our local students enter the prestigious U.S. Service Academies, and I am confident that they will make excellent officers. I commend them for joining all the generations of young Americans who have chosen to serve our country today.

  "Lastly, discussions on continue to provide interesting ideas and conversations on American priorities by allowing all Americans to offer their ideas through its open online forum.  If you would like to offer your ideas, you can do so by visiting and signing up.  I look forward to reading your ideas and hope everyone has a great week.

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