Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who needs a truck when you are an expert at improvisation? A drive down Union Avenue

 This picture was taken recently on Union Avenue by Dennis Utt. It speaks for itself but here are his thoughts: "When I saw this car I had to take a picture to send it out as proof. Two by fours on the roof so as not to scratch the pain job, four by ten gate on top being held on by the firm grip of the passengers out the right hand side of the window, front left tire blown out and they were still going down Union with no intention of stopping. Image was taken with a cell phone."


Anonymous said...

Seriously, you'd have to be crazy to be driving this close to this clearly uninsured, possibly unlicensed vehicle. Run the other way, folks!

Anonymous said...

You know you are in Bakersfield when you see stuff like this

Pat D.