Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will LA's KCET go public after dispute with PBS?

 Interesting story in today's Los Angeles Times (read full account here) about a dispute with LA's KCET and its annual payments to PBS. According to James Rainey, KCET is kicking around the idea of going independent if it can't work things out. All this comes as Fresno-based KVPT tries to make inroads in the South Valley amid a severe slump in fund raising. Rainey's report provides a rare inside look into public television finances and is worth the read. (photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for twice mentioning Valley Public Television in your blog this week. As a Board member of KVPT, I must point out that the financial problems of KCET in Los Angeles are in contrast to KVPT’s financial stability. KVPT has successfully navigated the economic downturn of the past two years. Many times being “small and nimble” has its advantages. Please note that enhancing fundraising is not the driver of KVPT’s dedication to better serving Kern County. KVPT remains fiscally strong and continues to build on its strategic direction of serving the entire Valley, including Kern County.

Esther Brandon