Saturday, November 13, 2010

McCarthy: a week to pause and pay tribute to those who have served our country

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) gives us his weekly update from Capitol Hill. In his words:

"Thanks to all the students and parents who came out this past weekend in Bakersfield and Atascadero for the Academy Forums organized by my office.  Students were able to visit with representatives from each
U.S. Service Academy, along with various visiting cadets and midshipmen who were able to offer first-hand accounts of what school is like at the academies.  If you missed it and would like more information on the application process, please contact my local office at: 327-3611.

  "Wednesday, I was out in Mojave for the facility groundbreaking of the first commercial spaceship manufacturing company, The Spaceship Company.  As you know, the Mojave Air and Space Port is leading the way in the development of commercial space flight.  Now Mojave will be making history once again and will be providing private-sector jobs as The Spaceship Company builds the first commercial spaceship for space tourism.  Our state needs to be pursuing more economic development opportunities like this one to get our economy going again and keep us on the forefront of cutting edge technology development.

  "Thursday was Veterans Day and my daughter Meghan and I rode in the 91st Annual Bakersfield Veterans Parade in a WW II Jeep owned by Lou Duncan.  Later that afternoon I planted a tree in honor of local Navy
Vietnam veteran, and VFW Post 1468 Life Member Chaplain, Alvie Chadwick at the Veterans Hall on Wilson Road.  As a country we must remember to pause and remember those who have served, and those who continue to serve in our nation’s Armed Forces to secure and maintain our nation’s freedom.  Living in the 22nd Congressional District, it is not hard to remember our veterans. Throughout the district there are reminders: China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, Edwards Air Force Base, Camp San Luis Obispo and Camp Roberts.  I hope you were able to take a moment and thank veterans who have served and who are currently serving to protect our freedom and way of life.

  "Next week Congress will be back at work on Capitol Hill and begin a lame duck session.  It will be interesting to see what the outgoing Democratic Majority plans to make a priority before Christmas.
Congress has not considered a real budget for Fiscal Year 2011, and it is vital that we extend current tax law.  This is something Congress failed to do before the election.  All Americans need stable tax rates
moving forward, rather than waiting in limbo wondering if they will be hit by massive tax hikes on January 1, 2011.

  "Come January a new Congressional Majority will come to town and there will be many new changes that will focus on limiting government through reform and creating jobs that America needs.   I look forward
to sharing with you in the coming weeks the plans for the new Congress.

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