Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cyclists show some really bad form on the Kern River bike trail, a shout out to the Westside Parkway and a local connection to country crooner Marty Brown

 * ... MARTY BROWN: Margaret Lemucchi shared this bit of surprising news regarding the sister of country singer Marty Brown.  "Imagine the surprise at Timothy Lemucchi's law office when Tim's
paralegal, Angie, mentioned that Marty Brown, the country composer/singer who is quite a favorite on NBC's America's Got Talent, is her brother. Angie is a recent transplant from Maceo, Kentucky, where she and Marty grew up. Angie assists Tim ably with his personal injury law practice. Marty's next appearance on the show will be the first week of September."

 * ... PARKWAY: An enthusiastic shout out to the new Westside Parkway compliments of Paula Dunaway. "I have cut 15 minutes off my morning and afternoon commute. But, driver beware:  the Bakersfield Police Department who does traffic patrol the parkway is definitely trying to increase its coffers with more revenue. I don't think any of your readers wants a increase of insurance or the large fine for getting a speeding ticket. Instead, follow my lead in entering the parkway, hitting your cruise control at exactly 65 and enjoy the ride!"

* ... BAD FORM: Shame on the driver of the gray Honda Civic who chose to dump his ashtray full of cigarette butts while sitting at the stop light at Oak Street and Truxtun. Really?

 * ... MORE BAD FORM: And who told the group of six to eight cyclists that is safe to ride on the bike trail near CSUB going 30 mph and faster on a Sunday morning? They sped past slower bikers and walkers without verbal warnings, obviously very pleased with themselves. It is a multi use bike trail boys. If you want to go fast, get on the street, or go do some hills.

* ... JESUS SHACK: Hats off to the folks over at Jesus Shack who put on their annual back to school event, serving more than 600 families and 1,300 kids with backbacks, school supplies, haircuts and free medical exams. Donors to the event included Carl's Jr., Sobe and Fastrip.

 * ... ANDRES: Marlene Morales, marketing director over at Chain, Cohn and Stiles, submits this memory from the classic drive in restaurant Andre's: "Known for their signature Big Boy burritos, French burgers, fried pies, crinkle cut seasoned French fries, pastramis, deluxe cheeseburgers, and the slushes that come in so many flavors. The only bad thing: we have to save up calories in order to indulge. But it's worth it and the childhood memories that come along with them too.

* ... MEMORIES: Elinor Grant says you may really be a Bakersfield old timer if you remember the cricket invasion in the 1930s."Going anywhere, shopping, out to eat, wherever you went there were crickets everywhere."

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