Friday, April 11, 2014

McCarthy: One budget is the typical tax and spend Democratic plan, while the House plan calls for pro-growth tax reform and a plan to pay down the national debt

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Whip, brings us up to date on Capitol Hill. In his words:

 "This week was budget week in the House of Representatives. Just as budgets are an important tool for American families and businesses, my colleagues and I believe it is important for elected Representatives to present our constituents with a plan for the future. I would like to highlight two
budgets, in particular, and let you decide which plan you prefer.

 "The first is President Obama’s proposed budget. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described this plan as 'a powerful statement of Democratic principles,' and I couldn’t agree more. The Administration’s plan for America consists of raising taxes by $1.8 trillion to pay for $6.1 trillion in new spending. It cuts national defense by $283 billion, and leaves our future generations with $3.8 trillion in increased debt. Moreover, the President’s budget never comes to balance—ever. In short, it is the same tax-and-spend policy that Washington Democrats have prescribed for years.

  "The other plan was drafted by my good friend House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and supported by House Republicans. It addresses Washington’s out-of-control spending and comes to balance in 10 years. It expands opportunity for all by calling for pro-growth tax reform and increased domestic energy production. It increases spending on national defense, so our men and women in harm’s way can have the training and tools they need. It repeals Obamacare and calls for patient-centered reforms. It protects Medicare so we can keep the promise to our seniors. And it strengthens the safety net for those among us who have fallen on hard times.

 "The President’s budget was given a vote on the House Floor this week.  Out of 415 votes, it received only two “aye” votes. Yes – only two.

  "Meanwhile, I worked to help pass the only budget in Washington that balances and takes the necessary steps to pay down our debt and get our economy back on track. The budgets described here present very distinct paths and I believe our budget provides the only real path to prosperity.

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