Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is the national housing market slowing down, and what does that mean for buyers and sellers? And good samaritans show some really good form to strangers

 * … HOUSING: The housing rebound continues with its fits and starts, and now comes word that a slowdown may be underway. On the national level, The Wall Street Journal notes that home prices rose 9.3 percent in May compared to the same period last year. That is certainly good news, but the
Journal warned that "there are growing signs of a slowdown. While the current weakness could provide investors with an opportunity to place new wagers and lower prices, analysts warn that the environment has become more challenging." For home buyers, the Journal noted, "the slowdown is good: Slowing price rains and low interest rates make homes more affordable."

 * … GOOD FORM: Lucy Gallardo wrote to share this random act of kindness. "My parents are in their 80s and my dad is having heart surgery next week. On Tuesday of this week, we dropped off their vehicle for repairs with Juan, the owner of Performance Off Road and Auto Accessories. The repairs were going to take about two hours so we went to breakfast at one of my parents favorite places….. Lil Spencers.  While there, an anonymous angel paid for our breakfast. Then it was time to pick up my parents' vehicle and the owner did not charge them for his services. As we were driving off, the owner says, 'I will be praying for your husband's surgery next week.' Wow, a double act of kindness in one day! Thank you for making my parents day, they were so moved by your acts of kindness.

 * … SPOTTED: A woman is telling a coworker about a tan and a plastic folding table parked in the dirt lot across from Marie Callender's, selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts of all things. "A man was standing on sidewalk waving a small Krispy Kreme banner. I wonder how far they brought these presumably bootleg doughnuts from." she said.

 * … WATER: The rain and wind we experienced Sunday triggered the predictable round of photos posted on Facebook showing wet road and rain drops on sidewalks, yet further evidence how desperate we are in this long drought. And reader Gil Nolasco added this idea about water conservation: "Hi Richard, I started to flush out my pool filters in the driveway like I usually do but I immediately felt guilty of letting the water go down the gutter. Then I realized, hey move over to the lawn, dummy! What little hair and dirt won't hurt the grass. The gardeners will clean it up when they come by. Problem solved. I also thought, I usually don't use any soap when I wash the car (cars don't get body odor) just water and sponge, why not do a 'hillbilly bath?' Park the car on the lawn and wash it down. Too low class? Or the future of car washing? Just be careful not to run over your sprinklers!"

 * … ROTARY: Another shout out to the Rotary West club for once again helping needy children prepare for school. The event is Child Spree, where each child participates in a $100 back to school shopping indulgence at Kohl's. Said Vija A. Turjanis for the county Mental Health Department: "If not for this event, many of these children would not start the school year with brand new outfits. Most of these children have experienced severe trauma and are on their way of becoming healthy children, and really benefit from positive childhood experiences. Shopping for school clothes, getting a new backpack, (and of course a hot breakfast sandwich) is a great way to start the school year."

* … GROVE: Assemblywoman Shannon Grove has appointed Greg Burt as her new communications director. Previously Burt worked as a reporter in Colorado, worked for a member of Congress and a State Senator in Orange County.

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