Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally some good news:

It's one of the most common complaints about the media (and newspapers): we never report any "good news." And particularly now, with the economy in the tank and consumer confidence at an all-time low, we certainly do need some good news. So it's probably a good time for an "all good news" website to emerge. Called "Tonic," it is devoted to "making a difference" and accentuating the positive. From it's welcome page:

"What is Tonic? The answer is simple: Tonic is a news site and a shop that makes it easy for you to do good things and change the world in a positive way."

Steve Enders, the director of content, is a Cal Poly graduate who worked in newspapers and later did a stint at Yahoo! I think they are onto something here and plan to bookmark the site myself.

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