Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yet another DUI crash claims another teen

Another promising young kid has been killed in a DUI collision. This time it was 18-year-old Noemi Perez of Arvin, who ran track Cal State Bakersfield. Is it me or does it seem Bakersfield has more than its share of these horrific DUI-caused deaths? And I often wonder: when these guys (and yes, they are normally men) are sentenced to jail, how many really serve time and for how long? Last week at my Rotary Club, the local chapter of "a life interrupted" presented its program that it takes to thousands of high school kids every year. Featuring Police Chief Bob Rector and Nancy Chaffin (Nancy is our VP/HR at The Californian and lost a son in a DUI several years ago)coordinate the program and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. By the way, Noemi is the third kid from the left in the photo.

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