Thursday, February 12, 2009

Send a kid to Duke and they become a "crazy"

Duke University is not only of the most select universities in the nation, but it's also home to one of the perennial college basketball powerhouses in the Duke Blue Devils. Not a lot of kids from Bakersfield end up at Duke, due in no small part to the selectivity of the school but also its price tag. One local kid who did end up there is Bhavana Venkataram, a standout Stockdale High graduate last year who had her pick of some of the best schools in the nation. So it was nice to see Bhavana all painted up in the crowd of the "Cameron crazies" (so named for Duke's home court at the Cameron Indoor Stadium) at the epic Duke-North Carolina basketball game this week (sorry Duke fans, but Carolina won). That's Bhavana peaking over the shoulder of another "crazy" with her face painted white. And by the way, Bhavana reports she just "loves" being at Duke and living in Durham, N.C.

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