Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking for a recession proof business? Bail bonds

Random thoughts on a Sunday: Am I the only one who has noticed an explosion of bail bond advertising on local TV? One of two things are happening: either local TV is aggressively slashing their rates to attract business or your neighbor and mine is ending up in the slammer for brandishing their Glock at a downtown bar. The commercials always start the same way: a concerned (and attractive) woman in a beautiful home gets "the call" that hubby is behind bars, and the wonderful and deeply concerned folks at the local bail bond joint step in to the rescue. I Googled "Bakersfield bail bonds" and it indicated 55,000 searches! Yikes. Not sure if I have been in another market where bail bondsmen are mainstream advertising.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Richard. A few months ago, even I had no clue about bail bonds, until I found myself being arrested for reckless driving. Luckily, my friend Jenny had the number of Plotkin Bail Bonds ( She got in touch with the agents from the company and explained the entire situation. They guided me through the entire bail procedure, as well as maintained complete confidentiality. With their guidance and support, I was out of jail soon.

Financial Opportunities said...

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bail bond services said...

Some of the known benefits of having bail bond business are that it can survive a poor economy; you can be the boss and set the time on your own or even decide to form bounty hunter inside your company rather than hiring other people.