Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gottschalks to liquidate: what's left besides the big box retailers?

Have to be more than a little sad at the passing of Gottschalks, the Fresno-based department store that announced today it will close. This is a 100-year-old business that has been part of Bakersfield's business fabric for years. Yes, we all saw it coming as the big box stores like Wal-Mart edge out retailers big and small, and it joins a long list of casualties in this economic climate: Circuit City, Linens 'n Things, Mervyn's to name a few. You have to wonder what will happen to the huge Gottschalks locations at Valley Plaza and East Hills Mall. It looks like the liquidation will happen soon and in another couple months, this institution will be gone forever. You have to put hope in the emergence of vital new areas of retail, like parts of downtown, to offset this disturbing trend.

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Anonymous said...

Deeper connection, of course, being Gottschalks purchase of Brocks three stores 20 years ago, which in turn had been around for more than 60 years.