Monday, March 30, 2009

"Hey Kevin don't forget to support the ..."

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) tries to come home every weekend and spends all day Saturday and Sunday "in the district." That means attending every charity walk, fund raiser and dedication and like all good pols, he does it with a smile on his face. Everybody professes to love Kevin, but the truth is everyone wants a piece of Kevin for his or her own special interest. And everyone has advice for him, and they aren't afraid to share it. Here's a sampling of what the congressman hears when he's "in district." Following are excerpts of messages left to Kevin on Facebook when he noted on his FB page he was "traveling to D.C. today."

* "Please mention educational reform."

* "Also keep our deserts open for solar development."

* "Godspeed ... and don't forget the $$ for autism research!"

* "Don't forget to support the National Women's History Museum.

* "Tort reform ... talked about and never furthered."

* "Thank you for taking the time this weekend to attend the M.S. walk."

* "Didn't know about the autism research funding ... thank you for that ...You may have to set the done on that one. The president was so sloppy with his Special Olypmics remark."

* "Come on guys, let him have a day off, for crying out loud!"

That's the congressman in the picture attending the Saturday MS Walk at Yokuts Park. Photo courtesy of his Facebook page.


Jonathan said...

Richard, I think you meant to say, "Everybody loves Raymond." I've known Ray Barone for years. Ray Barone is a friend of mine - and Kevin McCarthy is no Ray Barone.

Richard Beene said...

Well put. And I should have said "everyone loves Kevin" only when they want something!