Thursday, April 2, 2009

You know you're from Bakersfield when ...

I ran across a group formed on Facebook dedicated to the quirkiness that is Bakersfield. Some of this stuff is hilarious and some of it is off color, but it's all in good fun. For the full list check it out here, but here are a few excerpts:

"A tribute to the quaint town of Bakersfield, California... loved by some and despised by most.

1) You will park a mile away from the entrance just to have your car parked under a tree.

2) You laugh when people complain about 95 degree weather.

3) When you go out of town and see a sign saying "Union Ave" you expect to see a hooker.

4) Rosedale is a world all its own.

5) You remember the TWO times in the last 25 years that it snowed in Bakersfield, and you remember everything you did that snow day.

6) Everyone always says they're going to leave, but you know that if you try, you get sucked right back in.

7) You know Trouts, and were not talking about the fish.

8) One of your friends owns a house on a spot where you had field parties in high school.

9) You know if you're not a Luigi's at exactly 10:30 Saturday morning you're not getting a steak sandwich.

10) You think a red light is just a suggestion.

11) You know a swamp cooler is not a happy hour drink.

12) You realize that Valley Fever isn't a disco dance.

13) You have to "explain" to someone about Beach Park.

14) Someone from out of town talks about how foggy it is and you tell them, "Just wait."

15) You no longer associate bridges or rivers with water.


ALittleGuitar said...

when people ask me about my hometown, i sum it up by saying that for quite a while it had a kkk headquarters located about 100yds down the road from a triple-x drive-in movie. it was, and still is, a hotbed of culture.

Anonymous said...

ah the rosedale one just made me laugh cuz its absolutley true lol