Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beloved Bakersfield city school district music teacher Michael Keniston, 56, dies

Learned today that Michael Keniston, a popular music teacher with the Bakersfield City School District, has died at the age of 56. I didn't know Michael but those that did describe him as highly motivated, engaging and full of energy. Good teachers are hard to come by and good music teachers - because there are so few of them - also equally in scarce supply. Not sure what was the cause of death. Check back here for details. Keniston was one of the music teachers slated to conduct at Monday's city honor orchestra at Rabobank Arena. He's the second from the right in the photo, where he is shown with other city music teachers touring the schools and performing trying to get kids interested in music.


Anonymous said...

His memorial service will be at First Presbyterian Church on Saturday the 16th at 10:00 a.m. When you see the obituary you will see that Mike was not just about music. He had a myriad of interests and he excelled at each of them. You could't find a more fun person to be around. He made life rich just by his own enthusiasm for whatever he was doing at the minute. Please join us in remembering Mike.
---one of his dance buddies, "CynBad".

Lottie Miller said...

Michael was such a friendly guy and was always smiling. He would West Coast dance with me when we were all going to Rockin Rodeo and even when I missed a step, he was never embarrassed, he would just say I was doing fine. He taught me so much. I am going to miss him and his smiling face so much.

Shari Fortino said...

Mike Keniston we will never understand why you wanted to leave so soon but we will always know you brought us immense joy, laughter, excitement, entertainment, beauty and love while you were here. After having you in my life for 42 years I am going to miss you very much but you are still alive in my vivid memories of you and all we did together and all I learned from your beautiful spirit. I will always love you Mikie!