Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lookin' for love on Craigslist, and a good laugh in the morning with Rachel Legan on KGFM

I'm not much one for local radio (love local talk but I opt for satellite radio for music) and sometimes the local "jocks" can drive you insane with their occasional profane drivel. But the other day I came across a bit on the "Rachel and Dustin" morning show over at KGFM 101.5 that was simply - in a word - hilarious. Rachel is all around good egg Rachel Legan and Dustin is her brother, both local Bakersfield products who know our community intimately. What they do at 7:50 every Thursday morning is peruse Craigslist and find local people looking for love, desperate folks who are just certain they made a "connection" with that special someone in the tight T-shirt but failed to get her name. You can't make some of this stuff up, and while there is a certain sadness to some of these postings, Rachel and her brother manage to bring them alive. In Rachel's words:

"Every now and then over the past several years I would read one of the Bakersfield Craigslist Missed Connection posts on air... The second week we were on together I printed out several posts I thought were interesting and we just went with it. The phones went CRAZY.

"I'm not sure we could live with ourselves if the "hot piece of tail who was strollerin' around with the baby in the 'MY MOMS KNOCKERS ROCK' t-shirt at the mall yesterday" missed her connection with "the hawt (sic) guy who was driving past (sic) in a lifted Chevy S10 w/primer on the left side wearing a Daniel Boone hat and a bandage to cover up his new tat".
"Obviously these two need to be united at once! Who are we to stand in the way of two minute love? LOL."

Tune in for a good laugh. We all need a laugh these days.


Anonymous said...

'Rachel & Dustin's' Show is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

"bandage to cover up my new tat"! I bet this guys a real winner! LOL. I can see this at the mall

Anonymous said...

We love these twp.Just heard them mention this on air that we needed to come see this blog.Good stuff.

Dan and Cynthia Rogers

Rachel Legan said...

Thanks Richard.Great response from your article this morning.Two lonely souls found love thanks to today's reading :)
You rock! Rach

Anonymous said...

Guess we need to join this bloggy world you all have here.Rachel and Dustin pointed us your way this morning and we think it says alot about a newspaper when the CEO also keeps a blog.You are committed sir! We've only lived in your community (Bakersfield) for 18 months but it exceeded what I am ashamed to now say were "low" expectations.Times are hard everywhere right now but I haven't met a stranger yet! Keep up the great work.Keith Price and family

Richard Beene said...

Welcome aboard! It's true that like all communities we have our flaws, but the people here are just wonderful. Enjoy and hope you're reading The Californian.

Unknown said...

stumbled on your page by accident,but was sooo glad I did.Hav'nt spoken with my cousins Rachel, or Dustin in years.I think of you guys often. My oldest daughter, Cheyenne will be 16 tomorrow, and the boys will be 14 on Friday.Where did the time go? Maybe we could plan A family reunion?I love you guys, cousin Tristin