Friday, September 11, 2009

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Obama's speech more of the same; time to rein in the the "czars"

 The latest update from Washington from Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield. Let him know how you feel by posting to the "comments" section below.
 Health care reform was at center stage this week as the President addressed Congress Wednesday night.  I was able to talk with the President some before his speech as I was on his Congressional Escort Committee.  In his speech, I appreciated the President’s call to work together, even though this should have happened a while ago.  In May, I joined my GOP colleagues in sending a letter to the President requesting a health care meeting.  Unfortunately, the response from the White House did not grant that request, and we could not engage in a dialogue where both sides exchanged policy solutions – like my view that we need medical malpractice reform, which is projected to be a cost-saver of $100 billion/year.  If you would like to see these letters, they are posted on my website ( under the Health Care Solutions section.
During August, I held two town halls--one in Bakersfield and one in San Luis Obispo County--and three tele-town hall meetings.  These meetings were very helpful, as I was able to listen to solutions and ideas from local residents.  Unfortunately, the President’s speech on Wednesday night was more of the same government takeover proposals outlined in his 28 other health care speeches, which many of our local residents and many Americans strongly disagree with. I had hoped the President would have heeded the call of the American people, abandoned H.R. 3200, and sought to start over with common-sense solutions.  Many of these solutions were supported by local residents at the Bakersfield town hall meeting.  Below are some more of the top solutions that people were in favor of. I plan to release the full results in an e-newsletter.  To sign up for my e-newsletters, visit my website -
· Allow small business to band together to pool & reduce risk when purchasing health insurance:
· Allow individuals and companies to purchase health insurance across state lines:
Also the continuing appointment of “Czars,” which do not go through a Congressional approval process and are also unaccountable to Congress is a growing concern for me.  To address this I cosponsored H.R. 3226, the Czar Accountability and Reform (CZAR) Act of 2009.  Our government continually needs to strive for accountability and transparency, and this bill is a common sense solution to ensure this happens.
As we go into the weekend, we should all take time out to reflect on the anniversary of September 11th.   We should remember our local soldiers like Evan Morgan who was seriously injured during his second tour in Iraq or Ricardo Ruiz who just returned from abroad--both are reminders to us all of the bravery and courage of the men and women that defend our nation. Now eight years later, our memories should strengthen our nation’s resolve to support our present day servicemembers and their families, continue to care for our veterans, and continue the fight against extremism that threatens our way of life. 

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Stephen Dorsi said...

Our Congressman has a “new idea” that has been tested by the legislative process and rejected by his own party as unworkable. On May 12, 2005, U.S. Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) introduced the Health Care Choice Act of 2005, H.R. 2355, which provided for consumers to purchase individual health insurance across state lines. The measure had more than 40 cosponsors. A companion bill was introduced in the Senate by Jim DeMint (R-SC). Each health insurer could designate one state whose laws will govern the individual insurance coverage it offers, allowing the state laws chosen by the insurer rather than the laws of the state where the consumer lives to govern health insurance regulation is what makes this policy so controversial. Great choice! Pools that are not exceptionally well funded do not make an across state lines health insurance marketplace work. This is because across state lines proposals encourage insurers to underwrite aggressively, which would lead to millions of people being denied coverage and facing higher premiums based on their health history. A modified across state lines proposal could benefit all Americans in the context of guaranteed issue and low-income premium subsidies or sufficiently funded high risk pools, and federal licensure and regulation of insurers. Our Congressman doesn’t mention those facts.
In 2007, Rep. Kevin McCarthy voted against the reauthorization of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which provides health care for about 6 million children and 670,000 adults from families who earn too much money qualify for Medicare but not enough to afford health insurance. In 2006, 5.4 million children were eligible but not enrolled in SCHIP or Medicaid and 9.4 million total children were uninsured. Our Congressman turned the uninsured away as he is doing now.
The health care reform that McCarthy will support is “nothing”.