Saturday, February 19, 2011

McCarthy: Republicans focused on reducing the debt, creating jobs and holding down the size of government

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) submits his weekly report from Capitol Hill. 
 "This week, House Republicans focused our efforts on removing barriers to job creation. Our top priority is getting people back to work and getting the size of government under control. We pledged to the American people we would save $100 billion this year, and we have followed through on that promise. This is an important step in stabilizing the economy and giving job creators confidence the federal government is getting its fiscal house in order. By having an open process that allowed for everyone’s voice to be heard, Republicans were unified in our effort to put the country back on a path where our children have the chance for prosperity.  The open process under which the debate took place allowed for members of both parties to put forward ideas and vote on the best way to move the country forward.  In the end, we debated over 150 amendments, defunded Obamacare, and proposed to cut $100 billion for this year alone.
 "That was a stark contrast to the budget proposal the President outlined on Monday, where he punted on taking the lead to address the long-term crisis facing our nation.  Instead, he proposed $8.7 trillion in new spending, $1.6 trillion in new taxes and would add $13 trillion to the national debt by 2021.  This is not the right direction for the future of our country. Republicans in the House are instead working on a plan to address the long-term problems we are facing.  You can be sure there will be real and meaningful changes within our proposal to end the reckless spending that has defined Washington for too long. 
 "While we focus on getting people back to work, we’re reminded that two years ago, the stimulus bill was signed into law with the promise it would put people back to work. Unfortunately, we’ve only seen unemployment numbers continue to rise and too many people in Bakersfield, and across the country, are still looking for work.  One thing is clear: our country has lost more than 1.8 million jobs since the stimulus was passed by Democrats, evidencing the fact that more spending is not the answer.  The more government borrows, spends and regulates, the harder it will be for businesses to access capital and create jobs.  Focusing on cutting government spending now is foundational for removing barriers for job creation and growing our economy for the future to make America more competitive.
 "There is still much work left to do. We must make tough decisions today so that we can put our country back on a path toward prosperity.  I have always said the best ideas are not in Washington, but in our communities.  I’d encourage you to continue to share with me your stories of burdensome regulations that are stifling job growth or ways we can cut spending so we can get to work making it easier to create jobs at home and across the country. 
 "Thank you for reading.  And on a personal note, let us remember the life of former BHS football coach Paul Briggs, who I had the honor to play for.


Anonymous said...

What a poorly written and poorly done piece. Kevin McCarthy continues to disappoint as Congressman, making no effort to lay out the full panorama of facts, preferring to fill this piece with half-truths and omissions. If only I was surprised....

--Michael Weir

Anonymous said...

McCarthy voted against further cuts even though only $63 billion in cuts has been voted upon, which is well under the $100 billion he promised.

McCarthy did NOT support the Tea Party Republicans who tried to do additional cuts to meet the promise that McCarthy had made. McCarthy is a phony.

BTW $100 billion when we have a deficit of $1.6 TRILLION is a drop in the bucket.

Anonymous said...

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