Friday, April 6, 2012

McCarthy: Obama puts special interests and politics above the American people

 "Rep.  Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) submits his weekly view from Capitol Hill.

 "California has always been a leader in energy development, production and technology. The oil we produce right here in Kern County accounts for over 80% of California’s total - one tenth of all U.S. oil production – and we are leaders in wind, solar, and geothermal technologies. But under the Obama Administration’s failed energy policies, we’ve fallen behind. As gas prices soar past $4.00 per gallon locally, we can see that we desperately need an energy agenda focused here in America.

The day President Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, the average price of gas was $1.84 per gallon. Today - after this Administration’s three-year-long war on domestic energy - the national average for a gallon of gas has more than doubled to $3.90 per gallon, with no signs of letting up.

Hardworking American families can’t afford more economic hardship coming from an Administration that seemingly prioritizes the interests of political allies and special interests over taxpayers. From canceling important offshore leases to gambling billions of taxpayer dollars on politically-connected companies like Solyndra to vetoing the Keystone Pipeline, this Administration claims to support all-of-the-above energy strategy but pushes none-from-below policies that have placed a tremendous financial burden on American families and small businesses, impeding our economic recovery.

I believe the way to address our current energy challenges is by producing energy here in America.  That is why this week, I introduced a new set of pro-growth energy initiatives that will help grow our economy, create American jobs, and lead us to energy independence. My House Republican colleagues are fighting for these critical legislative steps that will address rising gas prices, unshackle our domestic energy resources for environmentally sound oil production, and create a friendlier regulatory environment for innovative renewable and alternative energy technologies.

This energy policy package includes measures to freeze job-killing regulations the Obama Administration has slapped on refineries, expedite responsible oil and natural gas production permitting on federal land, and remove the bureaucratic red tape that hampers domestic production. A true all-of-the-above energy strategy, this plan will help increase production and supply to bring fuel costs down, spur economic growth and create jobs here at home.

Vice President Biden recently said that Democrats’ energy policy is “the best it’s ever been.” I disagree, and I invite the Vice President and Congressional Democrats to consider these new House Republican energy initiatives, and also the six bills currently lying dormant in the Democratic-controlled Senate that would help stabilize the price of energy and put Americans back to work.

"We have the opportunity to be the world’s energy leader. Kern County has always played a central role in energy production in our state and in our nation. I will continue fighting to secure America’s energy future and Kern’s leading role in traditional and alternative energy development and production.  By choosing to maximize the abundant natural resources that are available to us in a responsible, effective way, we can put America on a path to energy security and lasting economic growth.

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